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Q: Are you taking new patients?

A: Yes. Typically your first appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Mark Reginato or Dr. Sheetal Shah as we are welcoming them to our practice.

Q: Can my first appointment be my annual physical?

A: Not usually. At your first visit we will do a full intake, review of medications and your history which is not considered part of your annual physical by most insurance companies.

Q: What is included in my annual physical?

A: That depends on your insurance policy.

Generally, insurance companies cover a predetermined list of components that are considered part of your physical. For example, during your annual physical, you may expect that your provider will do the following:

  •  Gather or update your comprehensive medical history
  •  Outline plans for the reduction of risk factors
  •  Provide interventions or counseling to improve overall health
  •  Order appropriate laboratory/diagnostic procedures based on your personal medical conditions
  •  Order and/or administer appropriate immunizations
  •  Manage minor health concerns
    •  Obtaining a refill for a prescription for chronic medications (allergy or birth control, for example)
    •  Asking your provider to pay special attention to a skin lesion during your routine physical.

More specific health concerns may not be covered by your insurance as part of your yearly physical. These are concerns that would normally prompt you to schedule an appointment if you were not scheduled for your physical. If time permits, some of these concerns may be addressed at the time of your physical; however, it may be appropriate, according to your insurance guidelines, for your provider to generate a charge for an office visit, which would include a co-pay. If time does not permit, we can schedule a separate appointment.

Following are examples of specific health concerns that may not be covered as part of your physical:

  •  A sinus infection
  •  Sore throat (and testing for strep)
  •  New cough
  •  New or changed headache pattern
  •  Abdominal pain
  •  Pelvic pain
  •  Depression or anxiety
  •  Joint pain, both specific and general
  •  General fatigue
  •  Sleeping problems
  •  Irregular periods
  •  Significant changes in status of a chronic health problem

Q: What if I have problems I want to discuss at my physical?

A: We recommend a problem focused office visit before your annual physical if you have symptoms, issues or chronic conditions that you want to discuss with the provider. At that time we can order any necessary labs which could then be discussed at your physical.

Q: Can my labs be ordered before my physical?

A: Labs will be ordered at the time of your physical to ensure all relevant testing is ordered and you have one trip to the lab.

Q: How can I view my medical records or communicate with the office.

A: Get enrolled in the MyJohnMuirHealth.com. Just ask at our front desk or call the office to ask for your Activation Code.