Mark Reginato, MD


Mark Reginato, MD

Primary Care Physician In Danville, CA

At Blackhawk Medical Group since 2016


I am delighted to be practicing in Danville, where I have lived with my wife and three daughters for the last ten years.  Being born and raised in the East Bay, I feel very privileged to work in the community that I live.  Primary Care Medicine allows me to develop long-term relationships with my patients and allows me to be the first Health Professional to make a positive impact on an individual’s life.

As a board-certified internal medicine physician, I like to work closely with my patients to stay healthy.   I believe that Preventative medicine is the cornerstone to creating a healthier community.  Minor lifestyle changes now will lead to major health improvements down the road.  I work with my patients individually to focus on specific aspects of their health that require the most attention and then help them reach their health goals through counseling, encouragement, and if necessary, medications.

I specialize in men’s health issues, issues of aging and I partner with patients with complex medical conditions to manage all the various issues, specialists and treatments in a holistic way.